Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Family Trips

We started our vacation off in Breckenridge, love the mountains and spending time with family.  Then we headed off to Utah for more family time and fun.

Someone still wants to be the baby.
These 4 love being together.

Off to a good o fashion chuck wagon dinner.

Tyler can't get enough of her cousin.
Love her face in this picture. 

Love these girls and there posses. 

Love my boys!

One minute it was sunny and warm, the next minute this storm came thru.
Bo loves his cousins and they are all so sweet to him. Being the youngest is the best!
First Schaerrer reunion in 15 years.
Counting our winnings from the sawdust game.
Nothing better then a picnic at Alta!
I love these kids.

A day at Lagoon, can't get much better then this.

This was Bo after 12 hours at Lagoon the day before and 8 hours in the car.  This kid didn't get close to sleeping on our car ride home.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Time Fun

Thanks for a another great year of Fairy and Survivor camp Mimi!

This was the highlight of Max's day!

Mud Run with the girls

The best part was getting dirty!

This is what Tyler and her friend made for Brett and I for our anniversary.  Love this girl and how creative she is.