Tuesday, June 2, 2009

There's a first time for everything!

Tyler was so excited for her first tooth to fall out, she told me she had a loose tooth a few weeks ago and I said sure.  I guess she really did.
She let dad pull it out and was very brave, she didn't even cry.
So last week Max had a cold that turned into a hospital stay for 4 whole days.  If any of you have a 2 year old you know how awful this would be.    I felt so bad for Max, even though he was a trooper.  His favorite things were the moving bed, the rocking chair, the wagon rides, and all the TV he wanted.  I'm just glad to be home and have my little guy back.
He was so excited to see his sister! 


I can't believe my little girl is off to kindergarten next year.  She has loved going to preschool at Miss Kim's and is going to miss her, but as Tyler says "I'm ready for big girl school".  
Max copying what his big sister does.
Look at me, I'm a big girl!