Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Max is on the move!

Max is on the move and loves being able to follow his big sis around. I know most people don't like it when there kids start to crawl but I actually like it, he stays busy for hours and is so happy to be crawling. The same week he started crawling he got his two front teeth, they sure grow up fast. So many of you know that Brett and I get hot easliy, well we have past the gene onto our daughter. I can never get Tyler to where a jacket, and if I get her in a long sleeve shirt she has the sleeves pulled up within seconds. We were getting ready to go to school and it was going to be cold out so I told her she had to where pants and a long sleeve shirt, so she did. The second we got home and in the house she said mom now that we are inside can I pull up my pants, I turned around to look at her and here she was with her clothes pulled up saying she was to hot in the house for long pants and shirt.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Hallowen

Since Tyler didn't want me to make her a pig costume this year, what else would a 3 year old girl want to be but a princess. So her is our princess and lion. Tyler thought is was great trick or treating and ask me when she could go again. That doesn't sound like my daughter at all. Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Max's first Halloween Our little princess