Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bitter Sweet, March 20th!

Many of you know that we were hoping to make it to March 20th with this baby, since all are other kids were born on the 20th. So when we made it to the 20th we were so excited and couldn't wait to meet Bo. We checked into the hospital at 7:30, after a few hours the doctor came in and checked on me and said I was ready to go. After a few pushes little Bo was here. We were all so excited and thought he was adorable. He was healthy and we were grateful for an easy delivery. An hour after Bo was born Brett talked to his parents and they said Max was not doing good and was breathing really fast and hard. So we decided we needed to take him to get checked out. Brett left me at the hospital and went and got Max. After a few test they wanted to send him to another hospital that would be better for his needs. So off Brett and Max went in the ambulance to St Lukes, while I stayed with Bo. After 6 long days of being in the hospital Max got to come home, almost. All the doctors recommended we keep the baby away for a few more days. So we had Max go to Brett's parents house. So after a week and a half of being apart we finally got to bring Max home. It was a long week but we got through it, thanks for all the calls and prayers it made it easier. We are so happy Bo is here and that both our boys are doing great!
Poor Max at the hospital after getting admitted for RSV and Pneumonia on top of his Asthma.
Thanks to everyone for all your love and support!
Max and his (jiggle jacket) to help open up his airways.
Starting to feel a little better, he wanted his favorite food mac and cheese.
We are so excited for Bo to finally be here. He is such a joy, after the ruff start we couldn't wait for our family to be together.
Bo peed all over his clothes, so we had to take him home naked.
Going home from the hospital.
Tyler was so excited to come and meet her brother. She was the only one who could come to the hospital since she wasn't sick.
Happy Dad
7lbs 2oz 19 1/2 inches long

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Max turns 4!

Happy Birthday Max! Max chose his birthday dinner and he wanted waffles with coconut syrup, and popcorn (pop pop as Max calls it) for dessert. What more could a 4 year old want for a birthday dinner.
I can't get enough of this kid, and that adorable smile!
This year Max wanted his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, it wasn't a surprise since he asked to go there at least two times a week. Maybe someday he will understand how money works and not ask to go all the time.
Max was so excited for his Batman cake.
Max opening his present, he couldn't wait to open then.
Thanks Nana and Grandpa, I love my magnaformeres.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Tyler and Addison, were all smiles for there daddy daughter dance! Tyler was so excited to go to her school dance with Brett, they had a great time dancing and eating from the chocolate fountain.