Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Happenings

Got to love this face!
Looking for Easter Eggs.
Presley and Emery.
Presely getting a kiss from daddy!
The family with the new addition.
Loving her easter basket, wasn't quite sure what to do with the eggs. The older kids were going to fast for her to keep up.
Getting ready for the egg hunt.
The kids loved dying easter eggs this year.

Tyler's 7!

Happy Birthday Tyler! What a beautiful girl you have grown up to be. You are such a joy to have in our family.
Having her birthday dessert Strawberry Truffle, which she had picked out since Presley's birthday.
So excited to get her secret password journal.
Out to dinner for her birthday dinner.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Presley and Max

Presley has always loved shoes, here she is with Tyler's flip flops. What an interesting way to wear them.
She also loves sunglasses and is the first child to actually keep them on. She will where them for hours. We got these sunglasses from a friend and she wore them for days.
Max and his first soccer clinic, he couldn't have had more fun! He has been so excited to start soccer. He would ask us everyday many times a day, if today was the day he was going to start.
Hudson, Finn, and Max.


Bo's first bath, he didn't seem to mind it to much until all the kids had to have a turn at washing him, then he got a little sad.
Presley loves her little brother!
Tyler loves when she gets to feed Bo a bottle, she is the best little helper.
Max couldn't wait until he could give Bo a bottle.
Presley loves to kiss Bo on his head and tickle his feet.