Wednesday, August 1, 2012

La Jolla

This year we went to La Jolla for our family trip.  We went to the Beach, Sea World, Golfed, enjoyed a Spa Day, played Tennis, and had a Treasure Hunt.  What more could you ask for in vacation.
All the 3 year olds watching a movie.
If we couldn't find Bo, we would always find him at the air hockey table.  He loved to turn it on and pretend to play.
The La Jolla Caves.
Beach Days!

I love this picture, Presley was scared of the characters so she was holding on for dear life to Boo.

Bo loves to act like a big boy.

Getting ready for the treasure hunt.

Family Pictures!

End of school and more...

Max's preschool graduation.  He is so excited to go to school with Tyler next year, and he couldn't be more ready.
Max and Miss Kim
Tyler's dance recital, she did a great job!

Fun camping pictures at Wellington Lake.  The kids think camping is the best summer activity ever!  Minus Bo and his none stop dirty face and shirt, this trip was a success.

The kids were so excited to get in the water they couldn't wait till the morning.

These two love each other, but when it comes to food they don't always like to share.
On our way to hike to the waterfall.  The waterfall wasn't much of a waterfall this year but the kids still had fun.

All dressed up for the 4th of July!