Thursday, July 16, 2009

Midway Trip

This year we went to Midway, Utah with Brett's family, it was a great time as always.  Swimming, biking, golfing, horse riding, fireworks, train rides, and alpine slide what more could you ask for.  It was so fun to see all the babies together and of course Mimi had matching outfits for more then one day for all the girls.  
So after being in the car for 8 hours and just can't wait to be home, you will change a diaper just about anywhere.
Trying to get a good picture of all four of them at the same time was difficult.
The fireworks were a little to loud for Max.
The girls in there 4th of July outfits.
Going on the Heber Creeper, Max was so excited for this train ride.
This is what happens if he doesn't get his nap.
Tyler was so excited to go horse riding until it was time to get on the horse and she realized how big the horse was, good thing Max was not scared and got right up on his horse which helped encourage Tyler to get on her horse.
Tyler and Max loved there first ride on the alpine slide.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fairy Camp

Susan and six other grandmas got together and had a fun fairy day for all the little grand daughters.  They all got matching tees, crowns, and fairy houses, they had great food and great decorations.  Can't wait to see what they add for next year.  Thanks Mimi for a great day!
Tyler loved the pink and yellow sandwiches.

June's Journey's

So Tyler has been taking gymnastics for about a year now and I finally got around to taking a picture of her.
Camping at 4 mile creek.  Brett has been dying to go camping and as many of you know he got me a new family tent and a family sleeping bag this year for Christmas, wasn't that thoughtful of him.  So we finally took the whole family camping, it was a great time.  Brett planned all the food and cooked it to, it was delicious dutch oven cooking that might have been why it was such a good trip, no cooking or cleaning the kitchen for me for three whole days.  
Look at that face when we asked him to hold the fish.
Max decided to join Mike for dinner.
All the kids shoes drying around the fire after playing in the river.
The boys couldn't go a few days without the golf!
Our little sweetie, she was great the entire time.
I think Max has seen me feeding Presley a few to many times.
A trip to the zoo, I think the kids are sometimes more excited to play these drums then see the animals.
A visit to Bellview park.  My kids love this park, petting zoo, train ride, and stream to play in, what more could kids ask for.